[Switch] Fire Emblem Three Houses NSP XCI (GDRIVE) ROM file | EmulationSpot

[Switch] Fire Emblem Three Houses NSP XCI (GDRIVE) ROM file | EmulationSpot

Game Info

Name: Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Developer: Intelligent Systems

Publisher: Nintendo

Release Date: July 26, 2019

Genre: Tactical role-playing

Mode: Single-player

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a tactical RPG developed by Intelligent Systems and Koe Tecmo for the Nintendo Switch, released worldwide by Nintendo on July 26, 2019. This is the record for the first Fire Emblem series. For home consoles, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, first released in 2007.

There are three houses on the continent of Fodolan, divided into three rival countries at present, connected by the Garegmah monastery. Former Garegmah mercenaries and players in a new ruling role must choose a country to support and lead a series of battles. This game uses the tactical turn-based game from the previous title Fire Emblem, which includes elements of social modeling and time management.

The production of the game has been a challenge for intelligent systems due to the success of Koei Techmo, which was previously associated with Fire Emblem Warriors. For the series' debut on the HD home console, the staff wanted something completely new that would add dynamism to school life and broaden the struggle. Chinatsu Kurahana was responsible for character and illustration designs. The school's game system and time jumping later in history were inspired by Fire Emblem: Holy War Genealogy.

The game has received widespread acclaim including the integration of school systems, platoon dynamics, storytelling, characters, soundtracks, and playability. Compared to previous articles, less demanding games and some visual and technical issues have received less criticism. The game will receive Best Strategy Game and Player Voice Awards at the 2019 Game Awards. More than 2.87 million games were sold worldwide in March 2020.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a tactical hero game in which the player controls a character whose gender and name are selected at the beginning of the game. During opening hours, the PC will be asked to teach at the Garreg Mach Monastery, the center of the play. The choice of the particular home you want to learn will affect the history of the future. Players' time is divided into a conspiracy battle to advance the main story and a period of interaction with students and staff at Galegmach. The first half of the game focuses on this school system, but the story skips five years and focuses on combat, and the first half is trapped in a house of your choice.

Between story battles, players have a specific number of days marked on the calendar and can be used for a variety of activities, from training, field exercises to greenhouse sowing and pond fishing. Players are also engaged in leisure activities, where they can interact with and build relationships with students. Relationships are built through support actions. Action and interaction options affect the level of support for your character. If the relationship is strong enough, the two could get married after a time-based historic event.  Players can recruit students from other homes with other characters by increasing certain attributes during combat and through actions within the monastery. Each activity in the Academic section takes a certain number of hours, with more activities available each day than can be covered by the set number of hours and points available. The player chooses which event to fire and loses access to other events.

Where can you play Fire Emblem: Three Houses?

The game is exclusively available for Nintendo Switch handheld console. If you have a Nintendo Switch, you can play the game right away. The game can also be played on PC using YUZU emulator.

What is Yuzu Emulator?

Yuzu is a nintendo switch emulator which is capable of running a variety of Nintendo Switch games on PC. The emulator is made by the same team which made the first Nintendo 3DS emulator known as Citra.  To Download Yuzu, Click HERE.

Instructions to play Fire Emblem Three Houses on PC

  1. Make sure your Windows is Updated to latest version.
  2. Download and Update your Direct X to latest version.
  3. Update your GPU drivers to latest version.
  4. Download & Install Yuzu Switch Emulator.
  5. Now Download Fire Emblem Three Houses NSP/XCI from below.
  6. After Downloading, Extract Zip file into a folder.
  7. Open Yuzu Emulator and on top left, click Load File.
  8. Now locate for Fire Emblem Three Houses NSP/XCI file and select it.
  9. Click on Open & now your game should start without an issue.


[Switch] Fire Emblem Three Houses NSP XCI (GDRIVE) ROM file | EmulationSpot

[Switch] Fire Emblem Three Houses NSP XCI (GDRIVE) ROM file | EmulationSpot

[Switch] Fire Emblem Three Houses NSP XCI (GDRIVE) ROM file | EmulationSpot


[Switch] Fire Emblem Three Houses NSP XCI (GDRIVE) ROM file | EmulationSpot

[Switch] Fire Emblem Three Houses NSP XCI (GDRIVE) ROM file | EmulationSpot [Switch] Fire Emblem Three Houses NSP XCI (GDRIVE) ROM file | EmulationSpot Reviewed by EmulationSpot on September 24, 2020 Rating: 5

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