[Switch] Astral Chain [NSP XCI + Update] Download | EmulationSpot

[Switch] Astral Chain [NSP XCI + Update] Download | EmulationSpot

About the Game

Name: Astral Chain

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Release Date: August 30, 2019

Developer: PlatinumGames

Publisher: Nintendo

Genre: Action-adventure, hack and slash

Mode(s): Single-player, multiplayer

Astral Chain is a 2019 action and adventure hack and slash video game developed by PlatinumGames and published by Nintendo for Nintendo Switch. The director is Mr. Takahisa Taura, who was formerly the top game designer of Nier: Automata and the creator of Devil May Cry and Hideki Kamiya of the Bayonetta series, and Mr. Masakazu Katsura, a manga artist.

Set in Dystopia's Future Earth, this game tracks special police task force events that protect the remnants of humanity from anomalies that attack extradimensional creatures and planets. The story focuses on the twins of two new working groups. The twins use a nominal "astral chain" to restrain and restrain creatures, use them for combat and investigation, and call them "legions." The game settings are heavily inspired by various cyberpunk manga and anime, and the game combines hacks and slashes with role-playing elements and the research part of the adventure game. These segments mostly revolve around the simultaneous control of two characters; twin player characters and their Legion.

Astral Chain is estimated to have had a five-year development cycle based on a previous collaboration between PlatinumGames and Nintendo. The two companies previously collaborated on titles such as The Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2. The game was announced in February 2019 as part of Nintendo Direct's monthly presentation. After its release, the play praised the dual-game characters, world building, presentations, adaptations, and soundtracks, and received critic praise, but the play made some criticisms of its use by the quiet protagonist. received. Since December 2019, the game has sold over 1 million copies worldwide and has become one of the best-selling games on Nintendo Switch.


Astral Chain is an action-adventure game in which the player takes on the role of a detective from a special police working group "Neuron" whose mission is to solve and investigate the incident that occurred in the main world of the game "The Ark". Exploring the world, asking unplayable characters, and examining evidence provides "clues" and logical puzzles to support the research process. During the game, police officers entered the "Astral Plane". This is an interdimensional area where you have to walk dangerous terrain, solve puzzles and fight enemies, just like in traditional video games.

The neurologist can summon a tied acquaintance called "Legion" after the name of the game. Corps have different forms of sport with different abilities and are used both to solve puzzles and to fight. These include a sword corps with fast blade attacks that can be used to destroy circuits and thwart enemy attacks, an archery corps that can target weaknesses and distant switches, and powerful blows that can move large objects. Includes a corps with. You can create shields to destroy fragile objects and enemy shields. The Legion K9 tracks odors, discovers hidden objects, improves ride comfort and avoidance. Players start the game with Sword Legion and are interested in four more during the game. Corps can be exchanged at any time during combat and can be upgraded with experience and unlockable skills. In addition to the player's own health, Legion has its own scale. It is gradually depleted when summoned, making it more vulnerable to enemy attacks and depleting more health. If they are inactive, their health will be regenerated automatically. If the corps's overall health is exhausted, the player will not be able to use it until he has restored all his health.

The battle takes place in real time and short-range and long-range weapons are used to fight enemies. Most often, it is an evil race of "chimeras". Players can summon an army during battle to automatically fight players and create compound attacks. The legion can be manually controlled using the analog stick on the right, allowing the player to place the legion for more specific actions. Other skills include the ability to perform powerful finishing movements to restore health, the ability to unleash an army and summon more at once, and the ability to connect enemies using chains that connect players to the army ("Chain Bind"). Includes the ability to use the chain as a trip wire to the enemy). Anyone trying to charge a player-called a "chain counter". Players can also use chains to pull lines out of danger through crowds of enemies and overcome gaps and bottomless holes between buildings and platforms.

Completing the combination, interrupting the enemy's attack, retaining and avoiding the enemy, and deploying the corps at the right time gives the player the opportunity to perform a synchronous attack . This requires the player to press the left trigger at the right time, similar to a quick event. Synchronous attacks can extend combos, trigger special attacks, bind enemies, and help players recover from falls. After performing a number of synchronous attacks, players can contact their corps for a short period of time to gain health and do great damage.

Where can you play Astral Chain

The game is only available for Nintendo Switch. If you have a Nintendo Switch around you, then you can download or buy a game copy and then you can play it. If you want to play it on PC, then you'll need a Nintendo Switch Emulator. There are only two Nintendo Switch Emulators available - Yuzu & Ryujinx.

Instructions to play Astral Chain on PC

  1. Make sure your Windows is Updated to latest version.
  2. Download and Update your Direct X to latest version.
  3. Update your GPU drivers to latest version.
  4. Download & Install Yuzu Switch Emulator.
  5. Now Download Astral Chain NSP/XCI from below.
  6. After Downloading, Extract Zip file into a folder.
  7. Open Yuzu Emulator and on top left, click Load File.
  8. Now locate for Astral Chain NSP/XCI file and select it.
  9. Click on Open & now your game should start without an issue.



[Switch] Astral Chain [NSP XCI + Update] Download | EmulationSpot

[Switch] Astral Chain [NSP XCI + Update] Download | EmulationSpot

[Switch] Astral Chain [NSP XCI + Update] Download | EmulationSpot

Download Astral Chain NSP

[Switch] Astral Chain [NSP XCI + Update] Download | EmulationSpot

Download Astral Chain XCI

[Switch] Astral Chain [NSP XCI + Update] Download | EmulationSpot

Download Astral Chain Update

[Switch] Astral Chain [NSP XCI + Update] Download | EmulationSpot

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